by Julian Corwin, CSCS

This ebook is over 100 pages long, with 50+ custom diagrams, charts, and tables that I created myself. It is a distillation of the toughest concepts in the CSCS – approached from a completely different viewpoint. This is not your dry textbook, but instead a fun and quick study using analogies and mnemonic devices to help concepts stick so you’ll┬áremember them come exam day.

It’s an excellent resource, I highly recommend it! I recently passed the CSCS exam, and I had definitely remembered points directly from Julian’s book. Great mnemonic devices, different analogies and explanations.”

Rob Savona, CSCS


About the Author

Julian graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Electrical Engineering in June 2007. After spending six years working in industry – he quit his job to pursue a new passion: fitness training and manual therapy. He started cscsexamguide.com to help motivate him to study and to share his techniques with other CSCS candidates.